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Returns & Refund Policy

Fabric Online is committed to offering an efficient and positive service experience, especially should you wish to return all or part of your order.


We offer a 30-day hassle-free returns policy on most of our products, except where:

If you have simply changed your mind about your purchase, or if circumstances have otherwise changed and you no longer require the fabric, you may still request a return but will be required to cover the costs of return postage. You may return the fabric to us yourself, or ask us to arrange for a returns label and/or collection. Where a label and/or collection is arranged for you, the cost will be deducted from the value of your refund. You will be advised of any costs in advance.

If your fabric is defective or flawed in any way you will not be asked to pay for return carriage.

All returned fabric must be inspected by us before any remedy can be offered or actioned.

You must contact us before returning any product under this policy. Once you have advised us of your intent, the fabric must be returned to us within 14-days.


You may request a cancellation at any time prior to your order being dispatched by us. You may contact us by email or telephone, however we would strongly encourage you to contact us by telephone to ensure that your request is actioned as quickly as possible.

Every effort will be made to cancel your order before it reaches our courier, however we will not always be successful. Your best course of action in such circumstances is to refuse the delivery once the courier arrives at your address with the parcel. Failing that, however, you will need to refer to the returns process above.

We also reserve the right to cancel your ourselves order should we encounter difficulties in fulfilment.


We reserve the right to determine the specific remedy on a case-by-case basis, and may offer either: (a) a replacement; (b) a cancellation and refund; or (c) a voucher for credit for use on our website.


Refunds may be offered in part or in full depending on the circumstances. Once an offer of a refund has been accepted we are obliged to fulfil the request within 14-days. Refunds will typically be made on the last working day (currently Friday) of each week for accounting purposes.

Where fabric is faulty or defective, we are obliged to offer you a refund if all other attempts to resolve the issue fail or are rejected by you..


If you have received fabric which is faulty or defective, or if we are not able to fulfil your order due to stock issues, a replacement may be offered.

If the replacement offered is the same fabric quality and colourway, we are not obliged to offer an alternative remedy should you decline.

If we have offered a similar fabric as replacement, which is not identical to the original, you may decline the offer without prejudice to any other remedy detailed in this policy. You may also suggest an alternative replacement of your own choosing.

If an offer for an alternative fabric is accepted, you will be refunded or credited for any different in price where the retail price is lower than that of the product initially chosen. Where the cost is greater we may require the difference to be paid before we can process your replacement.


Where appropriate, in lieu of a refund or replacement we may elect to offer store credit in exchange for a return. Where fabric is returned due to faults or defects there is no obligation to accept credit value.