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Our extensive range of checked fabrics includes classic check fabrics like tartan, plaid, and gingham as well as both small and large checked fabrics. Make a statement around your home or with your next dressmaking project with beautifully bold-checked fabrics. Choose from a whole array of colourways and tones to transform your home or wardrobe, choose traditional wool tartan fabrics or modern, easy-to-manage polyester check fabrics. Shop high-quality, five star check fabrics by the metre with Fabric Online.
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Blue/Tan Plaid Limited Edition Wool
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Charcoal Check Wool, Clearance
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Charcoal Check Clearance Wool
£35.00 £15.00 per metre
Clearance Pre-Pil Fleece, Red Check
Cream Check Limited Edition Wool
Limited Edition!Save 28%!

Red, Blue, Grey, Green Checked Fabric & More

Green Check Fabric

Choose green check fabric and invite harmony and growth into your home, add a natural aspect to your home’s design and decor with an array of green checked fabrics mixed with complimentary colours and tones to suit any project. Choose wool or polyester fabrics, subtle colourways or bold, statement colour combinations for clothing, outerwear and soft furnishings.

Red Check Fabric

Traditional red check fabrics are a great choice for classic homes with a rural aesthetic.

Red is a common, prominent colour in tartan designs. Our collection of Christmas-checked fabrics are a perfect choice for Christmas crafting. Assemble your own tablecloths, kilts, clothing, table runners, cushions and soft furnishings in time for the festive season.

Blue Check Fabric

Shop a wide range of blue check fabrics–from bold check patterns in an array of complementary tones and colours to subtle tones and colourways in blue tones. Choose intricate check patterns which incorporate blue, a great choice for outwear, shirts, soft furnishings, kilts and skirts.

Pink Check Fabric

Or if you’re searching for a sweet, pink check fabric in natural wool or faux imitation wool at a fraction of the cost, our pink Glen Rosa Shetland Wool check fabrics and Grampian faux wool are both wonderful options. Adorn your home or wardrobe in pink check fabrics to add warmth and comfort to any room or clothing/accessory piece.

Check Curtain & Upholstery Fabric

Upgrade your windows with classic curtain and blind fabric styles with Fabric Online. Choose from over 80 check colourways and designs to suit your home style. For improved heat insulation, choose wool fabrics whereby air is trapped between the material fibres creating a barrier against heat transfer. Our fabrics are both strong and durable making them the perfect choice for high-traffic areas as well as a great choice for upholstery and soft furnishings.

Upholster a worn-out settee or armchair, transform old cushions with a new check cushion cover or create classic blankets and throws with our range of check fabrics. Add an element of Scottish heritage to your home with heavy-weight wool tartans and plaids.

Shop Check Fabrics by the Metre

A great choice for both dressmaking and home soft furnishings, our collection of check fabrics will help you transform your home into a comfortable, cosy haven. All fabrics are available to purchase by the metre, so you can satisfy your next craft project, upholstering a chair or crafting a new tartan suit. Shop easy-to-purchase fabrics by the metre, free delivery over £150 and a 30-day hassle-free returns policy. Remember to always try before you buy too, order six free fabric samples with Fabric Online for a true look and feel.

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