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Sample Service

At Fabric Online, we understand the importance of finding just the right fabric for your project. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our convenient and customer-friendly sampling service. Whether you’re crafting a new piece of clothing, updating your home décor, or working on a special project, our service ensures you make the perfect choice every time.

Why Sampling Matters

Selecting fabric online can be challenging. Pictures on a screen can’t always capture the true essence of the fabric – its texture, weight, and color in different lights. That’s why we always recommend ordering samples. It’s not just about seeing the fabric; it’s about feeling it and experiencing it in your space. Our sampling service lets you do just that, without any guesswork.

You should also bear in mind that no two monitors or screens reproduce colour in quite the same way. Manufacturers try to compensate for this, but no system is perfect. Ultimately, the colour or shade you see on your screen might not be what our photographer saw when editing the images to match the fabric.

Your Sampling Options

We offer two different types of samples: free (or standard) samples, and large samples.

1. Free Samples

Our free samples usually measure at least 4cm x 5cm. This might seem small, but experience tells us that this size is usually enough to get an accurate gauge of colour and feel. We send out hundreds of free samples every week, which customers use to make confident and informed buying decisions.

Sometimes though, especially if the fabric features a pattern/repeat, a small swatch will always be insufficient for sampling purposes. This is why, in some cases, you might not see a free sample option for certain fabrics. In these cases, your only option will be a larger sample.

2. Large Samples

Large samples, outside of special offers or promotions, are not free. Measuring approximately 15cm x 15cm, these carry a nominal charge of £0.50p each.

Large samples are perfect for fabrics with repeats, allowing you to see the full spectrum of colours used in the fabric. You might still need to refer to online images to see the full pattern, though, especially for fabrics with larger repeats.

If you’ve hit your limit of free samples, large samples will be the only option provided.

How Do I Order?

Ordering samples is as simple as ordering the fabric. On the fabric’s product page you will see two buttons. Simply click on ‘Order a Sample’, and choose either ‘Free Sample’ or ‘Large Sample’.

This will add a sample of the product to your basket, after which you can add more samples or continue to checkout.

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