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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Anthracite
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Aqua
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Blue
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Charcoal
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Dark Coral
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Dark Petrol
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Dark Red
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Fuchsia
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Mustard
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Navy
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A Conscious Way to Create With Organic Fabrics
Introducing our collection of natural fabric. This range is eco-friendly and ethically produced without compromising on quality or style. These materials are carefully sourced and manufactured using environmentally responsible methods, letting you enjoy textiles with peace of mind.

Our eco fabrics are versatile, offering a range of materials for different applications. We have something for every project, from soft and breathable organic cotton to durable Shetland wool. We also have a range of blends, including organic half-panama and bamboo fabric, providing unique properties such as moisture-wicking and antibacterial qualities.

Customers can consciously reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Not only that, but our collection includes a variety of colours, textures, and prints, using sustainable dyes and techniques, so you can find the perfect sustainable fabric to bring your creative vision to life.
Shop all our eco-friendly fabric online here today.

Why Buy Sustainable Fabric from Us?
At Fabric Online, we take great pride in being the leading sustainable fabric supplier in the UK. Our dedication extends beyond offering a diverse range of eco-friendly dressmaking fabrics, cotton fabrics, and more. We are passionate about providing natural textile options that not only align with sustainable practices but also cater to interior design, soft furnishings, and environmentally-conscious apparel. Explore our collection of eco fabrics and join us in our mission to foster a more sustainable world.

Why shop sustainable materials at Fabric Online:

Sustainable Practices
Eco-conscious sourcing
Affordable Prices
High-Quality Materials
Wide Variety of Colours, Patterns & Textures
Excellent Customer Service
Fast, Reliable Shipping
Hassle-Free 30-Day Returns On All Fabric
FEEFO Award Winners

Ready to Invest in Sustainable Fabric For Your Next Project?
From our best-selling natural cotton to cosy wool, our eco-fabric collection offers a range of luxurious options to make you look and feel good. So whether you’re a designer looking to create the latest craze with designer fabrics or a DIY enthusiast looking for eco-friendly materials for your next project, our sustainable fabric collection has everything you need. Shop today to discover the best fabric deals online from the UK’s top fabric shop!

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