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Soft furnishing fabric has been a speciality of ours for almost 50 years, and we're incredibly proud to stock a wide range of velvets, chenille, faux furs, fleeces, and so much more. Our fabrics have even been used extensively by luxury soft furnishings brand Katrina Hampton, along with many others! Browse our extensive soft furnishing fabric range below to get started today.
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Faux Fur, Alaska Fox
Faux Fur, Alsatian
Alsatian Faux Fur
£47.00 per metre
Ankara Tapestry
£8.00 per metre

Shop the Best Fabric For Soft Furnishing

Here you'll find a wide selection of premium, stylish soft furnishing materials to create your own interior items. Bring warmth and comfort to your home with your own unique designs. From cushions and throws to curtains and rugs, our soft furnishing fabrics are designed to make your space feel inviting and relaxing.

If you want to add a pop of colour to your living room, create a snug bedroom retreat, or update your dining room decor, we've got you covered. Our fabric collection includes a variety of styles, colours, and textures to suit any taste and budget.

Here you’ll find sumptuous suede, cosy faux wool, luxurious velvet and satin.

We also stock everyday essentials like cotton and linen-look fabrics.

So, browse our collection for the perfect soft furnishing fabric to transform your home into the stylish haven you’ve always dreamed of.

Ways to Use Soft Furnishing Fabric

Use our soft furnishing fabrics for various interior design projects and enhance your home's decor. Here are a few ideas:

Upholstery: Create your own soft furnishings to reupholster furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. This will give your furniture a new lease of life while adding colour and texture to your room.

Curtains and Drapes: Soft furnishing fabrics are perfect for creating beautiful curtains and drapes, adding style and sophistication to your room. You can choose from materials like velvet, silk, and linen to create a look that complements your decor.

Cushions and Pillows: Add comfort and style to your living room and bedroom with soft furnishings like cushions and pillows. Mix and match colours and patterns to create a super cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Bedding: Create beautiful and unique bedding sets. Choose from a range of materials like cotton, linen, and silk to create a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

Tablecloths and Napkins: Dress up your dining table with soft furnishing fabrics like tablecloths and napkins. With many colours and patterns available, you can create a look to complement your dining room decor.

Throws and Blankets: Want to bring more warmth and texture to your room? Try creating throws and blankets made from soft furnishing fabrics. Use wool, cotton, and fleece to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Wall Hangings: Wall hangings enhance a living space and reflect your style. So, by using soft furnishing fabrics, you can create a look that showcases your talent, style and personality.

Ready to Upgrade Your Creative Projects?

Add a touch of elegance, style and comfort to your home with our soft furnishing fabrics for upholstery and home decor. Our wide range of colours, textures, and patterns offers endless possibilities for enhancing furniture, windows, bedding, and more. So why not explore your options today and create a cosy, inviting space that reflects your style? Whether you use them for upholstery, curtains, cushions, or throws, soft furnishing fabrics are sure to beautify any room. So go ahead and check out the full collection of soft furnishing materials online here today!

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