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Brown Fabric

Add a touch of nature to your life with brown fabric. At Fabric Online, we have a wide collection of brown fabrics for upholstery, curtains, clothing and more! Find exactly what you need for your next project, whether you’re making timeless furniture or a suit fit for any occasion. Explore our brown fabrics by the metre and receive a free sample before ordering!
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Faux Fur, Alsatian
Alsatian Faux Fur
£47.00 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Caramel
Arran Faux Wool Caramel
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Mineral
Arran Faux Wool Mineral
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Caramel
Arran Faux Wool Truffle
From £10.15 per metre
Blue/Tan Plaid Limited Edition Wool
Limited Edition!Save 28%!
Boutique Velvet Fabric, Chocolate
Boutique Velvet Fabric, Stone
Boutique Velvet Stone
From £11.10 per metre

Discover Earthy Brown Fabric

Brown is a timeless colour with strong connections to the natural world.

At Fabric Online, we do whatever we can to stock a wide range of brown-toned fabrics including mahogany and chocolate, to ensure you have the best selection possible.

Our brown fabrics are available by the metre, in various styles including cotton, fleece, faux fur and more! Brown our range today!

Brown upholstery fabric

Brown is a fantastic choice for upholstery projects as it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making anyone feel right at home. Whether used for curtains on the wall or the sofa in the middle of the room, brown upholstery adds a timeless look to any living space.

Moreover, brown is highly versatile and can be styled in any way you want, be it traditional, rustic or modern. It’s also an ideal colour choice if you have children or pets because darker shades hide dirt and stains much better than lighter shades.

With brown curtain fabric, you can effectively block out the morning light without being disturbed by the sun. In the evening, it adds to your home’s cosy and rustic ambience.

Get your hands on our timeless brown fabric collection today and transform your home’s look and feel.

Brown clothing fabrics

If you’re aiming to create a sophisticated outfit, brown is the perfect colour for you.

With its earthy and woody tones, brown can transform any outfit into a timeless piece suitable for any occasion, whether you’re going out on the town or relaxing at home.

Brown is a highly versatile colour that anyone can look good in. It never goes out of style and can be used on any outfit, from warm winter jackets to stylish evening dresses.

Buy Brown Fabrics by the Metre

At Fabric Online, we’re proud to serve happy customers all across the UK with high-quality brown fabrics available by the metre – ensuring you never fall short on your textile project.

With free delivery on all orders above £150, a 30-day return guarantee and free samples, you can be confident when shopping online with us. Join thousands of customers today and order from Fabric Online today!

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