Velvet / Velour Fabric

Transform any space into a haven of luxuriousness with our impressive velvet and velour fabrics. Famously used in high-end fashion and interior design, velvet and velour boast complete elegance in every square inch. We offer a range of 5-star soft velvet fabric, with free sample swatches also available. So whichever type of velvet or velour you need, it couldn’t be easier to purchase your luxury velour and velvet fabric online.


Perfect for Upholstery and Fashion

Rich, soft and silky, velvet is the essence of luxury. The visually decadent fabric is highly favoured by high-end fashion and interior designers for its sumptuous shine and soft touch. With subtle yet intense accents of the on-trend fabric, any space can be instantly transformed into a haven of luxury and refinement.

While velvet’s lustrous sheen makes it perfect for dressing lavish interiors, it also complements relaxed and modern styles. The timeless textile transcends trends and styles beautifully, making it the perfect fabric for the modern home. Soft and lightweight, velvet boasts rich colour and a gorgeous drape. It is thus a popular choice for curtains, cushions and upholstery, as its soft texture accentuates all furniture types, lending a touch of opulence to any design.

Whether it’s plain, embossed Avalon you require or our classic Crushed Marble Velour, easily find the perfect velvet material for your needs here at Fabric Online.

Available in a variety of modest and dramatic colours, our luxurious collection of richly-coloured velvet fabric lends a touch of exquisite elegance. Rich and vivid hues such as the royal blue and emerald green shades from our best-selling Boutique Velvet range are perfect for adding understated flair to your decor. If, however, you want to go the extra mile with a striking interior statement, try out our French Velvet line’s bolder colours such as rouge or dijon.

Crushed Velvet for Dressmaking, Crafting and More

A popular choice, our marble crushed velvet fabric offers a vibrant perspective on an enduring classic. Crushed velvet gets its name from the ‘crushed’ look it gives, which is achieved by twisting the fabric while it’s still wet or by pressing the pile in alternating directions. This type of velvet can be used for red carpet dressmaking, crafting or as an upholstery fabric. It’s an ideal choice for various projects with ranging requirements.

If you have any questions about any of our products or would simply like some advice on a forthcoming project, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team, who will be more than happy to assist you. Whether it’s a budget-friendly solution or a premium alternative, we can help you choose a product that matches your own style. Contact our team today to see your fashion or upholstery dream come to life.


Velvet is a rich fabric that is soft to the touch. Its beautiful drape and distinctly soft and lustrous shine stem from its thick pile of evenly cut fibres and silky smooth nap. Historically velvet was woven from pure silk. However, modern-day velvet is often produced using cotton, viscose, rayon and synthetic fibres, making it more affordable and accessible.

Velvet's high cost is attributed to its manufacturing process. Unlike other materials, such as linen, velvet is not flat-woven and requires several steps to produce. It is often woven as a double cloth before being cut into two pile textiles. While velvet can be produced from a variety of textiles, silk velvet fabric is the most expensive. Silk, which is associated with decadence and luxury, is a high-end fabric that was traditionally reserved for royalty, nobles, and the affluent. To make velvet more cost-effective and accessible, manufacturers, therefore, blended it with other materials such as rayon and viscose.

Velour, which comes from the French word for “velvet”, is a super-soft, fluffy knitted fabric that was invented in France in 1844. Despite its luxurious finish and resemblance to velvet, velour is typically produced from cotton or a cotton blend and has a drape that’s akin to velvet. Traditionally, velvet was coveted by people from all walks of life. However, its complicated manufacturing process resulted in unreasonably high pricing. This meant that an inexpensive alternative to velvet was in high demand, giving rise to the emergence of velour. Velour has since been a super popular upholstery, drapery, curtain, blanket and activewear fabric.

While velour is similar to velvet in appearance and feel, there are major differences between the two. The fundamental distinctions are fibre composition and price. Velvet is made from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetic fibres, whereas velour is nearly entirely composed of cotton or a synthetic fibre such as polyester. Unlike velvet, which is a pile weave fabric, velour is a pile knit fabric, which means that it is simpler to produce and slightly less sumptuous. However, velour is more durable than velvet while retaining many of the desirable properties of this luxurious fabric, which has led to its extensive use as a fashion and upholstery fabric.

Yes. Velvet is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics on the market as it is durable and aesthetically attractive. Not only does velvet have a smooth and inviting texture, it also accentuates the shape of the furniture and is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their home. Its high-density braided pile construction means the weave is long-lasting, with a little stretch for easy handling and a luxury feel. Give your project a striking and stunning finish with our luxury velvet upholstery fabric, available in a range of eye-catching colours.