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Fire Retardant Fabric

Conscious of the safety of your home and family? We’ve matched beautiful, popular fabrics with an added fire retardant safety feature. We’ve considered not only function but also aesthetic with our range of fire retardant fabrics and materials to ensure you, your home and family feel safe and protected with fire regulation compliant fabrics. Discover hundreds of colours, colourways and fabrics to compliment your home style or elevate your next handmade clothing article. Shop fun faux fur, bright faux leather and traditional tartan wools by the metre with Fabric Online.
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What is a fire retardant fabric?

Fire or Flame retardant fabrics are chemically treated to slow down the spread of fire and reduce the intensity of flames, making them less likely to ignite and safer in case of a fire. Bringing you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety measures for your home or business. Add an extra layer of fire protection to your home today with easy-to-shop flame retardant fabrics, available to shop by the metre.

Safety First with Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric

Upgrade your home’s safety and fire retardedness when considering a reupholstery project or room redesign. Our fire-retardant upholstery fabrics are perfect for any home DIY project, with a range of fabrics suitable for blankets, cushions, curtains or upholstery projects including the upholstery of chairs, sofas and ottomans. There’s no need to compromise on colour, design or feel when it comes to our flame-retardant fabrics, we carry a wide range of fabrics in a range of different colourways. With over 150 colourways and 10+ fabric types including fire-retardant faux leather, velvet, chenille, faux wool and PU you’re bound to find the perfect fabric for your next home upholstery project. We’ve made it a priority to supply a range of beautiful fire-retardant fabrics for every type of home decor and interior style.

Shop Fire Retardant fabrics for Upholstery by the metre

For those areas of the home or communal areas in apartment blocks or businesses add an extra layer of safety with fire retardant fabrics and materials for soft furnishings. There’s no compromise on style or aesthetics with a whole range of fabric styles and colours. Shop and upholster with ease, choose quality, fire-safe fabrics with Fabric Online for all your fabric needs. Buy fire retardant fabrics for upholstery by the metre with free delivery over £150 and our standard 30-day no-quibbles return policy for peace of mind.

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