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Satin & Silk Fabric

Shop luxuriously smooth, silky fabrics for dressmaking, drapery, bedding and soft furnishings facilitating the craft of stunning garments and home decor. Choose polyester satins and faux silk fabrics for an easy-care alternative to silk. Add a touch of elegance to your home or wardrobe with beautifully made faux silk and satin fabrics. Shop an array of faux silk and satin fabrics in a range of colours and tones including faux silk white, bright tones and
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Duchess Satin, Soft Pink
Duchess Satin, Red
Faux Silk, Amethyst
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Amethyst
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Azure
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Azure
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Baby Blue
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Baby Blue
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Calico
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Calico
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Claret
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Claret
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Crimson
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Crimson
£4.45 £2.23 per metre
Faux Silk, Dark Aqua
Clearance!Save 50%!
Faux Silk Dark Aqua
£4.45 £2.23 per metre

What are satin and silk fabrics?

Silk Fabrics

Known for its luxuriously soft, smooth texture and beautiful drape silk is a natural protein fibre, threads are naturally created by the silkworm, extracted from their cocoons. These silk threads produce one of the strongest natural fibres making silk fabric both strong and durable. Silk threads are woven into textiles to create silk fabrics as we know them, however, our faux silk fabrics are made by weaving polyester threads. Silk fabric is highly valued with many desirable properties for clothing, drapery or bedding. Our faux silk fabric is designed to replicate the benefits and look of a natural silk fabric without the extensive price tag. A popular and highly sought-after alternative due to its high quality and versatility.

Satin Fabrics

The beautiful, high-shine nature of satin fabrics lies in the weaving technique of the fabric, unlike silk whose shine results from the threads themselves. Satin fabrics involve a specific interlacing thread technique, leaving long floats of uncovered surface threads. Satin’s shine comes down to these simple floats, as they catch light, light bounces and reflects off the surface creating a beautiful slippery, sheen-like material. Satin fabric is thankfully much easier to care for than silk as it is usually made from polyester however can also be made from threads. This cool, smooth textured fabric boasts long floats adding a special touch of elegance to your home or wardrobe.

Silk & Satin Materials for Dress Making

Faux silk and satin materials offer a wonderful competitive price point when compared with natural silk fabrics. Our fabrics are easier to care for and handle as they are far less delicate than silk making them a great choice for round the home furnishings and clothing. Whether you’re embarking on a dressmaking project, fastening a new pair of silky pillowcases or upgrading your drapery, enjoy the fluidity and easy, soft movement of polyester satin and silk fabrics to transform your next sewing project. Choose silk-like, faux silk fabrics or satin materials by the metre with Fabric Online.

Shop Faux Silk & Satin Fabrics by the metre

For peace of mind when fabric shopping choose Fabric Online for all your fabric needs. With free fabric samples and our no-quibbles 30-day returns guarantee your next DIY project is in good hands. Find the perfect fabric for your next craft task with fast, free delivery when you spend £150 or more so you can get started in no time. Buy with confidence and enjoy six fabric samples free and the flexibility of ordering fabrics by the metre so you’re never left short!

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