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Faux Leather & Vinyl Fabric

A universally timeless textile, leather is at the height of the fashion and interior design world. A true staple in the fabric industry and we know how difficult it can be to find an efficient alternative. Well - not anymore! If you’re searching for the perfect alternative to leather, we have just the thing in stock. Our cruelty-free, affordable faux suede and leather offer the much-loved benefits of leather, and so much more.
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Faux Leather Fabric for Dressmaking

Our faux leathers have the perfect balance between durability and affordability. Fake leather is the most hard-wearing and long-lasting of all the leather fabric alternatives – much more than the likes of PU leather. This makes it perfect for designing clothes that will not only look premium but will also stand the test of time.

Why use pleather for dressmaking?

If properly cleaned, stored, and protected, synthetic leather fabric garments can last decades.

Whether you’re a well-experienced dressmaker or totally new to the practice, our fake leather is a simple material to work with. You don’t need any specialist tools or expert knowledge to change this material into timeless dresses and jackets. All you need is to be able to cut and sew – which is another massive benefit that faux material has over real leather.

You could also make a range of durable accessories from our pleather material options, including belts, bags, and wallets.

If you’re looking to become a specialist in dressmaking, working with our affordable pleather options is a great way to experiment with different dressmaking styles. It can help you hone your craft while also making stand-out items of clothing.

Faux Leather Fabric for Upholstery

The main criteria for quality upholstery fabrics include softness, durability, and fire resistance. All of our faux leathers meet and succeed in these requirements.

From our Arizona Faux Leather to our Montana Faux Leather, our range offers a premium softness that will not get lost over time. Even if your upholstery designs receive a lot of , you won’t be able to feel or see any signs of wear and tear.

Why use pleather for furniture design?

Artisans have long put artificial leather to several upholstery uses – from designing tables and chairs to car interiors.

Our durable fabrics can help you design anything, from small chic furnishings to vibrant water-resistant sofas. The fabrics look and feel like the real thing, so others may think your upholstery features are genuine leather.

For more extravagant designs, you could order a few fabric sample styles from us to create totally unique and eye-catching furniture. Our Nevada fabric comes in an impressive array of 34 different colours. With this, you could create upholstery with attractive colour schemes and patterns.

Our fake leathers are silky and pleasurable to the touch, which allows you to create upholstery with maximum comfort.

Whether you need upholstery fabrics for home decor, office, or hospitality sofas and furniture – we’ve got you covered.

Why Buy Fake Leather Fabric From Our Online Fabric Shop?

You should also consider using fake leather for dressmaking and upholstery design for the following reasons:


We have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, each with unique designs and colour options. One thing remains consistent across the board – affordability. While it is considered the “budget version”, our pleather options match real leather hides in terms of quality.

You can save so much on your upholstery or dressmaking budget if you buy from us. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality leather, so you can trust us to supply you with fabric that won’t let you down.


One clear advantage that fake leather has over real leather is its potential for creativity. While real leather may seem like the better option it is difficult to find real leather available in a wide range of colours. Normally, genuine leather only comes in the colours of the original hides.

This is not the case with pleather, and certainly not the pleather options that we offer. We specialise in helping you fully achieve your creativity, with a range of colours available for each of the fake leathers we sell.

This is particularly true in the case of our Nevada Faux Leather. You have the option to order this product in a wide range of colours, including Grain Purple, Marble Chestnut, and Plain Ivory.

Keep on top of the demand

If you have a lot of products to make, the ready availability of pleather will help you keep up with demand. Despite the sheer volume of pleather options we have available, each individual piece of material is equal in terms of quality and durability.

Easy to clean

Are you making upholstery for heavy-duty usage? If you know that your designs will be used extensively, you’ll be pleased to learn that fake leather fabrics are incredibly easy to clean.

All it takes to clean fake leather upholstery is wiping it with a damp cloth. This makes it very low maintenance, and ready to take on any spills.

Additionally, fake leather is also generally scratch-resistant, which also makes it pet-friendly.

Fire retardant

Our fake leather fabrics are all made to be some degree of fire retardant. For example, our Nevada Faux Leather is made fire retardant to UK Domestic upholstery standards. Our Arizona Faux Leather & Montana Faux Leather are made fire retardant to contract upholstery standards.

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