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Animal Fabric

Animal fabric is the perfect material for upholstery and clothing. Whether decorating a children's bedroom or creating chic leopard print fabric cushion covers, you can find a diverse collection of high-quality fabrics featuring animal prints, patterns and textures at Fabric Online. Explore our animal print material collection to find the perfect fabric for your next project, backed by our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Browse our animal fabric below to get started today.
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Llamas Tapestry, Big Llamas
Nutex Print, Dinosaur Dance Black
Dinosaur Dance Black
£12.00 per metre
Nutex Print, Dinosaur Dance Royal
Dinosaur Dance Royal
£12.00 per metre
Dinosaur Land Printed Linen
Brand New!
Printed Seersucker, Dog & Anchor
Brand New!
Cotton Duck Canvas Dogs, Multi
Brand New!
Nutex Farm Fun, Cows
Farm Fun Cows
£12.00 per metre
Faux Fur, Gold Lynx
Nutex Leafy Meadow, Birds
Leafy Meadow Birds
£12.50 per metre

Discover a Wide Range of Animal Print Fabric

Our animal fabric is curated to cater to a variety of tastes and project requirements. Our durable animal print material is ideal for any project, from children’s bedrooms to fun, unique home decor. From faux furry fox to sweet woodland animal fabric, you can easily find what you need online today.

Animal Prints & Patterns

This range includes an array of animal prints, from the classic leopard and zebra stripes to more exotic representations like giraffe spots and tiger stripes. Perfect for adding a wild touch to any project, these prints come in various colours and sizes to suit your specific design needs.

Tapestry Animal Fabrics

For a touch of elegance and texture, our animal tapestry fabrics feature intricate designs of animals on high-quality bases. These fabrics are ideal for special garments, decorative wall art and unique accessories, offering a detailed and refined look.

Faux Fur Animal Print Materials

Luxuriate in soft animal print fur fabrics and bring a tactile dimension to sewing projects. These fuzzy materials are great for creating statement pieces, cosy throws or decorative accents that stand out.

Farmyard & Woodland Animal Fabrics

Delight little ones with whimsical woodland animal fabric or bold dinosaur print material to create a child-friendly aesthetic. Perfect for children’s clothing, nursery decor and playful accessories, they add a fun and creative spin to any creation.

Get Creative With Our Diverse Range of Materials


Renowned for its breathability, softness and durability, cotton fabric adorned with animal prints is the best choice for various projects, from fashion and quilting to soft furnishings. Its ease of use makes it a go-to for both DIY and professional creators.


This medium-weight material is an excellent choice for upholstery and curtains. Its tightly woven texture provides a durable base for vibrant animal patterns, making it ideal for adding a statement piece to any room.


Soft and warm, fleece is perfect for cosy clothing, blankets and soft toys. And the cute woodland animal fabric makes it ideal for young children’s projects. Its insulating properties retain warmth while the ease of care makes it a practical option for everyday items.

Faux Fur

For those looking to add a touch of luxury and texture, our faux fur fabrics come in a variety of animal prints, including leopard, cheetah and zebra. Mimicking real fur and feel without the ethical concerns, it’s ideal for costumes, accents and interior decor.

Ponyskin Velboa

This low-pile, faux fur fabric that’s incredibly soft to the touch. Often used for baby blankets, pet beds and costumes, its high durability and easy maintenance make it suitable for items requiring frequent washing.

Polyester Blends

These fabrics combine the strength, longevity and easy care of polyester with the qualities of other fibres to achieve the perfect balance for your project needs. Animal prints on polyester blends are great for a wide range of applications, offering vibrant colours and patterns that last.

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