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Chenille Fabric

Traditionally made by twisting yarn between two core yarns, this gives chenille fabric its distinctive fuzzy, caterpillar-like piles. Its soft, velvety texture catches the light at all sorts of angles, perfect for upholstery and drapery. A popular versatile choice for all types of homes and decor, both durable and soft in texture, add an element of comfort and softness to your home today. Choose from over 60 different colours, shades and chenille fabric types including bright, neutral, and classic tones to a range of grey chenille fabric colours, shop now.
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Basketweave Chenille, Beige
Clearance!Save 50%!
Basketweave Chenille Beige
£10.50 £5.23 per metre
Basketweave Chenille, Black
Clearance!Save 50%!
Basketweave Chenille Black
£10.50 £5.23 per metre
Basketweave Chenille, Cherry
Clearance!Save 50%!
Basketweave Chenille Cherry
£10.50 £5.23 per metre
Basketweave Chenille, Cream
Clearance!Save 50%!
Basketweave Chenille Cream
£10.50 £5.23 per metre
Milan Chenille Clearance, Cream
Clearance!Save 40%!

Why choose chenille fabrics?

Create comfort and calm with soft and luxurious chenille fabrics, inviting you onto the sofa or pulling you into bed for a wonderfully cosy slumber. The warm nature of the fabric will have you spectacularly captivated down to its cosy, insulating properties. On top of its comfort and luxury feel, our chenille fabrics open countless opportunities, whatever the application, whatever the project. We’re proud to offer high-quality durable chenille fabrics for you to cosy on down with.

Transform your home with Chenille upholstery fabrics

Upholster your home with Chenille upholstery fabric and transform your living spaces with the soft luxurious textures of Chenille fabrics. Whether you're looking to reupholster your sofa or searching for new curtain fabric, Fabric Online stocks chenille upholstery fabric for your next home DIY project. Add a touch of texture and comfort to your home's soft furnishings and use Chenille fabrics for chair and sofa upholstery, throws and blankets, cushions, curtains and drapery and so much more. Remember to stay cautious with your fabric, chenille’s pile can be prone to pulls due to the pile of short-looped fibres. It just requires a lot of love, care and attention, but not as much as it’ll give you. A highly rewarding fabric if there ever was one, soft, rich and warm, perfect.

Buy Chenille Fabrics by the metre

Shop with Fabrics Chenille Fabrics by the metre and choose from a vast selection of colourways and weaves for the perfect addition to your home. We’re proud to offer six free sample materials when choosing fabrics with Fabric Online and free delivery on orders over £150. As well as a 30-day return guarantee, guaranteeing you find exactly the right fabric for exactly the right project.

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