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From emerald royalty to the luscious canopies of the rainforest, green conveys a collective harmony & balance encouraging growth across everything it touches. With Fabric Online's wide range of green fabrics, all available by the metre in cotton, faux fur, velvet, wool & more, you can truly take your next fashion or upholstering project to another level. Browse the range below and receive fast shipping on your order.
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Discover a Wide Collection of Green Fabrics

Green is widely used in the fashion and interior design world, as it looks great on its own and when paired with other colours. Typically associated with feelings of harmony and growth, green is the perfect colour to add a touch of nature and freshness to your surroundings.

Our fabrics come at great prices per metre, allowing you to buy as much fabric as you need without breaking the bank. From sage green fabric to emerald green fabric, you can find every shade you need. With a diverse choice of fabrics including cotton, faux fur, fleece, wool & more, you'll be able to make anything from a thick winter jacket to a flowing string curtain.

Discover Green Fashion Fabrics

Stylish & vibrant fashion go hand-in-hand with green fabric.

Green fabric is a highly versatile option that can be styled throughout the year on various outfits. Whether you're creating a deep green winter jacket or a light green flowing dress, our collection has got you covered from head to toe. Our collection doesn't stop at plain green options, with a wide range of green patterned fabric perfect for any stand-out outfit.

From warm-weather cotton to cold-weather wool, find the perfect green shade to transform your wardrobe.

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