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Upgrade your windows with high-quality curtain fabric. Our vast collection includes premium cotton curtain material from popular brands for a touch of luxury in every room. With various colours, patterns and sizes available, you can find the best curtain fabric to suit your style. Shop our entire collection below to get started today.
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Ankara Tapestry
£8.00 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Caramel
Arran Faux Wool Caramel
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Coal
Arran Faux Wool Coal
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Dawn
Arran Faux Wool Dawn
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Mid Grey
Arran Faux Wool Mid Grey
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Mineral
Arran Faux Wool Mineral
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Navy
Arran Faux Wool Navy
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Nickel
Arran Faux Wool Nickel
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Oatmeal
Arran Faux Wool Oatmeal
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Oyster
Arran Faux Wool Oyster
From £10.15 per metre
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Caramel
Arran Faux Wool Truffle
From £10.15 per metre
Base Artist Canvas
Artist Canvas
£5.45 per metre
Autumn Tapestry
Autumn Tapestry
£10.15 per metre

Bring Your Home to Life with High-Quality Curtain Fabric UK

Introducing our wide range of curtain materials. At Fabric Online, we boast one of the largest textile collections because we know every home is different.

Choose from 14 types, including cotton, velvet, and linen fabrics. We also carry 12 colours of plain textiles and various patterns like plaid, tartan, and gingham. So whether you’re looking for the best blackout curtain lining or multicoloured patterns to match your soft furnishings, we have the best curtain fabric for you!

We provide everything from lightweight and heavy curtain material to patterned and blackout blinds. So, get creative and design your own curtains online today.

What Are the Different Types of Curtain Fabric?

Curtains come in many different types of materials, textures and patterns. The choice is endless. So let’s explore the many types of material below.


If you’re looking for something luxurious and durable, choose chenille for curtains. Perfect for drapery, chenille is velvety, soft and shiny, making it ideal for use in bedrooms. Named after the French word for caterpillar, this material has fuzzy cotton yarn protruding from the surface, which is excellent for creating warmth and texture.


Cotton curtains are light, breathable and a fantastic insulator. In addition, cotton is easily accessible and affordable, making it the ideal choice for curtain materials in the home. Besides that, cotton repels moths and bobbling, ensuring they stay in top condition for longer. Plus, cotton is the best choice if you’re looking for sustainable material for curtains.

Curtain Lining

Don’t forget your curtain lining! This essential layer attaches to the back of your curtains to provide heat retention and light prevention. In addition, lining creates a blackout effect, ensuring your room stays dark in daylight. Adding a lining to curtains during winter is an excellent, cost-effective way to keep your home warm.

Faux Leather & Vinyl

The best alternative to leather blinds and upholstery is vinyl or faux leather. Water and weather-resistant, vinyl is excellent for outdoor use to provide shade, shelter and privacy.

Faux Suede

Faux suede is a much cheaper alternative to the real thing. Super-soft and long-lasting, faux suede curtain fabric provides an instant touch of modern luxury to bedrooms and living spaces. In addition, faux suede curtains add warmth and texture to large rooms. So faux suede is perfect if you want a modern twist on traditional drapes.


So, what is half-panama fabric? This material is a woven textile with a clean, smooth surface. A durable blend of cotton and polyester, half-panama weave is an ideal choice for dressing any room.

Faux Linen

Linen-look fabric is often used for curtains due to its light, airy, elegant appearance and ability to drape and hang well. Faux linen curtain fabric is made from synthetic materials like polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton. Sometimes it can be 100% cotton woven to look more like linen. Plus, it’s typically more affordable and easier to care for than actual linen.


Needlecord is a material with small, fine cords or ridges running across its surface. Super soft and durable, it is commonly used for its cosy feel and textured appearance. Needlecord fabric is typically polyester or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres and is often finished with a smooth, velvety surface. It is super versatile and suits many decor styles, from traditional to modern. It is durable, easy to care for, and holds its shape well, making it a popular choice for window treatments.


PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are synthetic materials commonly used for curtain fabrics. Both materials are affordable, lightweight and versatile, often used in modern home decorating. They are typically in high-traffic areas or areas prone to moisture, like the bathroom.


This curtain fabric is smooth, glossy and lustrous. Commonly used for curtains, satin fabric has a sophisticated appearance and can drape nicely. Satin can be made from various materials, including silk, polyester, and nylon, with polyester satin being the most common. Satin curtains are often used in formal or luxurious settings. They are easy to care for, maintaining their appearance over time.


Velvet fabric for curtains is plush and super soft. It’s woven with a dense pile giving it a luxurious and elegant appearance. Thanks to its rich texture and warm, inviting feel, velvet is a popular choice for curtains and is often used in formal or traditional decorating styles. Velvet curtains are heavier than other types and are usually lined to add extra insulation. Extra care must be taken when cleaning velvet, as the pile is delicate and will crush if not treated gently.


If you want a natural, durable, insulating curtain fabric, wool is the material for you. Wool is a warm, cosy material that can add a touch of natural warmth to any room. And thanks to its unique texture, it can add depth to larger spaces. In addition, wool curtains are typically heavier than other types. As a result, they can provide extra insulation and light control in a room.

Faux Wool

If you want an affordable and easy-to-care-for material, try faux wool fabric. It resembles the texture and appearance of wool, yet, it’s typically made of synthetic polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton. Wool-look material is often used to create the look of Wool without the added expense or maintenance requirements, making it a popular choice for customers on a budget.

Ready to Transform Your Living Space?

Fabric Online has a large selection of curtain materials to suit any room, regardless of style or size. If you need help determining which textile, colour or pattern is best for your home, why not check out our knowledge base?

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