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We sell a range of premium towelling fabrics for all your high-absorption needs. Our terry cloth, microfibre and waffle fabrics are thick, high-quality and extremely versatile, guaranteeing exceptional results for all projects. Whether you’re making a tea towel, dressing gown or pair of curtains, terry towelling is a great choice of fabric and is available in 5 different options. Each option provides a different finish, ensuring there’s something for all requirements. You can browse our complete range of luxurious towelling fabrics below.
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Bamboo Velour Towelling, Anthracite
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About Terry Towelling

Terry towelling fabric, also known as terrycloth or terry cloth, is a woven fabric made with looped yarn. The fabric is covered in tiny loops that are formed during the weaving process and are designed to be extremely absorbent. The material is highly versatile and can be used for various different projects.

Towelling fabric types are primarily used to make hand towels, bathrobes, bath mats and tea towels. So if your project requires a high absorbency fabric, towelling is the perfect choice for you!

Our Terry Towelling Fabric Options

Choose from 4 different terry towelling fabric options. Options include:

Here at Fabric Online, we sell all our terry towelling fabric by the metre, with prices starting from £5.95 depending on the material you choose. Prices vary as different methods are used to make woven fabrics, with some taking longer to produce and requiring a lot more effort.

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly fabric, we recommend our double-touch bamboo cloth, which is made using the pulp of bamboo grass and boasts extremely high water absorbency. Bamboo towelling fabric is one of our best-selling towel options, available in 14 colourways.

Caring For Towelling Fabric

Terry cloth can form limescale over time which makes the material hard and scratchy.

The best way to dissolve this limescale is to soak the fabric for a few hours or overnight in a mixture of three parts warm water and one part white vinegar. Wash the fabric normally after soaking, and your towelling will return to its former soft, absorbent, glory!

When sewing with terry towelling material, it’s best to use a needle with a medium to coarse needle thickness.

Some snagging may occur while sewing but fortunately this can be avoided. We recommend sandwiching the fabric between two sheets of baking paper or tracing paper. After sewing, simply tear away the paper, and any small bits of paper left under your stitches will dissolve during the first wash.

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