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Discover a wide range of black fabrics for upholstery, dressmaking & more. Whether you're crafting new home decor or a dress sparking mystery and elegance, black is a timeless and versatile choice sure to impress anyone. At Fabric Online, you can find a wide range of black fabrics including cotton, faux fur, velvet, wool & more. Add a touch of sophistication to your creations and browse our range below.
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Airtex Mesh, Black
Arran Faux Wool Fabric, Coal
Arran Faux Wool Coal
From £10.15 per metre
Basketweave Chenille, Black
Clearance!Save 50%!
Basketweave Chenille Black
£10.50 £5.23 per metre
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/Black
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/Blue
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/Grey
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/Orange
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/Red
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Black/White
Save 45%!
Bentley Twin Stitched Quilted Vinyl, Grey/Black
Save 45%!

Discover Mysterious Black Fabrics

Black is a colour like no other – void of any light, yet reering with elegance, mystery & sophistication.

At Fabric Online, we know the timeless appeal and versatility it brings, which is why we offer an extensive range of black fabrics by the metre.

Our range encompasses a wide range of fabric types including cotton, faux fur, fleece and wool; alongside endless designs, whether you’re searching for a simple plain black fabric or a mysterious patterned one.

Create An Outfit That Never Goes Out Of Style

Black never goes out of style, which is why it’s perfect the choice for creating an outfit that radiates confidence wherever you go.

Black is void of any colour and because of this, it absorbs all light around it. With black fabric, you can create the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette, turning heads wherever you go.

Black fabric offers wide versatility, looking good with every colour out there, all year round whether it’s a formal event or casual outing.

Black also never goes out of style – whether you’re creating a flowy dark dress or a sophisticated suit, it’ll still look good decades from now, making it the perfect investment that can be used for any outfit.

Black Upholstery Fabric

Black fabric is an excellent choice for upholstering furniture. Whether you’re stitching up a sofa or creating a chair from scratch, you’ll be able to do so whilst ensuring a luxurious and sophisticated look in the process.

Black is one of the least controversial colours out there, complimenting nearly every interior design theme under the sun. Whether you’re pairing it alongside brighter colours, or creating a room which reflects opulence and mystery, black fabric is the perfect choice for you.

The days of waking up earlier than hoped are also a thing of the past, as black fabric is an ideal choice for blinds and curtains as it blocks out all light entering the room.

What’s even better is they’re also great for hiding stains and casual wear, making them ideal for decor items such as cushions and tablecloths which are no stranger to accidental spillage.

Buy Black Fabric Online

At Fabric Online, you can enjoy a near-endless supply of materials, free delivery on orders above £150, and a 30-day return guarantee. Join thousands of happy customers up and down the country and shop with confidence today.

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