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Ponyskin Velboa

A short-pile velboa fabric which mimics the look and feel of animal skin. Durable enough for use in upholstery, scoring 50,000 on the Martindale abrasion test, we’ve seen this fabric used in some fantastic sofas and armchairs over the years. Customers have also used this fabric to great effect in soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, and even curtains and drapes.

Cuddlesoft Velboa

Cuddlesoft Velboa is a soft plush fabric with a short pile velvety feel. It is extremely pleasant and comfortable to the touch, making it the ideal fabric for use in baby blankets and toys. Furthermore, the fabric can be easily cleaned by machine washing on a synthetic cycle quickly retaining is soft plush file.

Often referred to as Minky fabric this popular plush fabric is suitable for numerous applications. The fabric is much favoured by makers of the toy hobby horses that are a big favourite with children in The Netherlands in the sport and pastime of hobbyhorse.

Cuddlesoft is available in a range of natural tones and soft baby shades along with Black and white.