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Fabric Samples

Fabric samples are an incredibly important part of choosing what to order. A fabric's texture and handle are every bit as important as its appearance, and perhaps just as important, no two screens in the world will ever show colour in quite the same way. As useful as the images on our website are, they're just not enough to guarantee that you're buying the right cloth.

Requesting sample swatches gives you the opportunity to take good measure of the fabric in person. See them under different lights, in different environments, and against other fabrics you're looking to co-ordinate with.

Samples, Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches

Fabric swatches are readily available for any and all fabrics, and are ordered individually on the product page here on our website. Most are free, but there are a few exceptions.

Samples, Shade Cards

Shade Cards

Shade cards are a middle-ground between our usual swatches and our more premium pattern books. Shade cards conveniently present all of the colourways available for a fabric, without having to order and pay a premium for an extremely large number of individual swatches.

Samples, Pattern Books

Pattern Books

Only available for certain fabrics, pattern books feature large, typically around A5-size, swatches of all colourways of a particular fabric. Pattern books are ideal for upholsterers, curtain makers, and interior designers, who might want to show fabrics to clients on a regular basis, and in a much more professional manner.

Due to heavy load on our sampling facilities, pattern books and shade cards are currently only available by request. Contact our sales team for more information.

Fabric Swatches

Fabric swatches are small cuttings of fabric, which can be anywhere from 5cm x 4cm to 15cm x 15cm depending on whether the fabric has a repeating pattern. The aim of these swatches is to provide a more accurate measure of the fabric’s colour and feel than we can ever manage through digital images.

In most cases, your first six of these swatches are free of charge, with additional samples charged at just £0.50p/each. Some fabrics, however, might be excluded from this offer due to their cost and/or the amount of fabric needed to properly sample the cloth — this will usually the case with faux fur and wool fabrics, as well as certain designer brands.

These types of fabrics can be easily ordered on individual product pages – select the colourway that you wish to sample, and click ‘Request Sample’ instead of adding to your basket. When you’re done, you can checkout as usual and tell us where to send them.

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Shade Cards

Brand new to Fabric Online, shade cards are designed for frequent buyers and trade customers to conveniently and affordably view larger collections of colourways without individually ordering and keeping track of sample swatches.

Shade cards are A4 sized with a velvety-soft lamination that prevents smudging, increases longevity and helps the fabric adhere to the card. This makes shade cards an ideal choice for designers, upholsterers, and curtain makers on-the-go, providing a quick reference for both yourself and your clients.

It isn’t just our trade customers who can benefit from ordering a shade card though. Quite often you might require a large number of samples to find just the right fabric, and at £0.50p/each the individual swatches can quickly add up. With our shade cards you can pay a set, affordable price for an entire range, making that difficult choice just a little bit easier.

Shade cards are currently avaialble by request only.

Pattern Books

A step-up in presentation from shade cards, pattern books are the traditional way of presenting fabric options to clients, and at Fabric Online we do provide pattern books of some of our more popular fabrics.

Although intended for trade customers, there are no restrictions on who can purchase these.

Fabric Pattern Books, Group
Pattern books are currently avaialble by request only.
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