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Faux Wool Fabric

Designed to replicate and mimic the look and feel of wool fabrics, Fabric Online’s range of faux wool fabrics is available to shop in a variety of colours and Grampian colourways. Allowing you to fill your home with imitation wool fabrics at a fraction of the price. Shop a range of neutral colourways or jazz up your interiors with tartan-patterned imitation wool. Enjoy the visual appearance and texture of a wool fabric at a budget price point and the added benefit of a hardwearing fabric, whatever the home decor project.
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Wool like fabrics at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve found yourself browsing our wool fabrics collection and find yourself drawn to our Glen Rosa Shetland Wool, you’ll be thrilled to know our Grampian Wool-Look fabric is designed as a like-for-like patterned wool alternative. Whether you’re looking to save nearly £20/per meter or prefer the use of synthetic fabrics or vegan wool fabrics over animal-based fabrics Fabrics Online has you covered with our wool-like fabrics. Faux wool fabrics offer a competitive price point when compared with real wool fabrics while also providing greater durability and are machine washable!

Why choose synthetic wool fabrics?

Synthetic wool fabrics or faux wool fabrics are man-made using polyester, as mentioned above they are both affordable and versatile. Not only that they are highly durable, giving you a much longer fabric lifespan. Wool-like fabrics have plenty of uses in and around the home in addition to being a great fabric for clothing:

Shop Faux Wool Fabric by the metre.

Great for upholstering furniture or transforming the look and feel of your home, our faux wool fabrics are available for purchase by the meter. Whether you’re looking to upholster a chair, sofa or settee, shopping around for new drapery or fashioning a winter overcoat Fabric Online has you covered. Make your next home DIY project as easy and enjoyable as possible with easy-to-purchase fabrics by the meter, free delivery over £150 as well as six free fabric samples and a 30-day hassle-free returns policy.

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