Test equipment works in intervals of 5,000 cycles which totals the wear number unit = martindale. The test is internationally recognised and measures durability of upholstery fabric for domestic and commercial use.

The higher the rub count the more durable the fabric.

Contract fabric explained.

Contract fabrics are used in commercial interiors such as offices, schools, universities, cinema, auditoria, bars, restaurants and healthcare. These fabrics are subject to more wear and tear than fabrics used for domestic interiors, and so need to meet higher standards.

For most high traffic areas we recommend you would need between 20,000 – 30,000, which is suitable for domestic use.

As you will see most of our upholstery fabrics are 30,000+. You can find this information in the specification section of each fabric description.

The Martindale test does not measure for UV light, chemicals, dirt, pet claws or stains, so you do need to be aware of the setting your fabric is being used.

Here are some tips to increase the durability of your fabric.

The difference between Martindale and Wyzenbeek test.

You may have heard of the Wyzenbeek test. Both Wyzenbeek and Martindale are abrasion rub tests. They are different tests which test different properties and success in one test does not mean success in the other. Martindale is used internationally whereas Wyzenbeek is used as standard in North America.

Wyzenbeek – involves rubbing along the warp and weft of the fabric

Martindale – involves a figure eight rub.