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Colour Accuracy

Please note that colour is notoriously difficult to portray across monitors and screens. With Print to Order, however, you should also bear in mind that the base fabric itslef can have a major impact on how the design looks when printed. Samples are strongly recommended prior to purchasing any amount of fabric, in order to see how the same colour shows on different bases.

Burgundy Blooms

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An exciting and revolutionary new service at Fabric Online, Print to Order allows you to customise your fabric like never before. With any design you can choose what type of fabric it should be printed on, along with the size of the repeat, receiving a custom-printed fabric suitable for your exact requirements!

Choose Base Fabric

As part of our exciting and revolutionary Print to Order range, you can choose to have this design printed onto a wide and growing selection of different base fabrics. You can choose the base fabric which is most ideal for your intended end use.

Choose Pattern Repeat

Your fabric can be further customised by selecting the repeat of the pattern across the width and legnth of the enitire cloth.

The canvas below represents a full width of the fabric (usually 150 cm), and the pattern will change in size as you increase or decrease the size of the repeat.

Need Help Choosing Your Repeat?

Choose Quantity

Multiple quantities/metres will be cut and printed as a single continuous length. Print to Order fabrics can only be purchased in whole metre increments.

Please note that Print to Order samples are of the base fabric selected above, and will feature a stock print which is unlikely to be of this particular pattern. If considering large order we would suggest you order a single metre first to be sure of the final product. Print to Order samples are included as part of our free sample offer.

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Print to Order fabrics can take up to 10 working days to fully process and dispatch. Every effort will be made to get your order out sooner though.

Fabric Online now operates a live inventory system, with every last metre on every last roll of fabric accounted for. This means that any stock counts listed on our website are extremely accurate.

Our friendly support team are on hand to help with any questions or concerns that you might have, from 08:15 - 17:00 Monday - Thursday, and from 08:15 - 14:45 Friday.