Last Summer, here at Fabric Online, we started a little journey. That little journey turned into a pretty big journey and now we are finally at our destination; a new website!

Fabric-Online opened our virtual doors almost nine years ago, and in the time since, we have learned more than we ever could have imagined. Our website has grown, our fabric options have grown, and most importantly, our customer base has grown. So much so, we felt it was time to give you a much more efficient (and a little bit more beautiful) shopping experience. We have listened to your feedback and developed a shopping experience that will make searching for your next must-have fabric a virtual dream. With a new ‘log-in’ function, you can view your past orders and save a wish list of your future buys. We will also be able to see what you are missing in an instant, making us much better at what we do. For you, our new ‘search’ bar will help you out a little. Everyone struggles with ‘faux suede’ (‘ueu’? ‘eud’? Who knows?!) Our new search bar will correct you when your fingers go too fast, and show you all the options. Much easier!

As well as the technical stuff, we have had a little makeover. As much as we loved the bright colours in our branding, we have ditched them! We have a much more grown up look (well, we are almost in double digits) and we think you will love it. We certainly do.

Let us know what you think.