Looking For A Change?

At Fabric-Online we put a lot of effort into our upholstery fabric range.  We like options!  We do, however, realise that sometimes, there can be too much choice (think three-page restaurant menu when all you want is some lunch).  So here is a handy little guide to make the fabric decision-making process that little bit easier.

The Fun Bit!

Colour!  When re-upholstering any furniture, the colour is probably the most important factor.  If not the most important, the most fun.  This bit might seem obvious but there are a few things you should consider:

1.       You will have to live with this colour for a while so make sure you will love it for the foreseeable future.  Sometimes, a trend is only a trend for a reason.

2.       Think about the room.  Smaller rooms tend to lend themselves to a more neutral pallet, where a large room is the perfect opportunity to go bold!

3.       Think about the users!  You should never work with children or pets.  The same rule applies when choosing delicately coloured upholstery fabrics.

 The Boring Bit.

Durability.  If you are re-upholstering a chair which is purely decoration, you can probably think a little bit less about this bit.  You still need to tick the boxes though.  The specifications your fabric needs will be based on a number of things; what are you upholstering, which room is it for, and who is using it?  Then consider this:

1.       Woven patterns hold up longer than printed fabrics.

2.       Higher thread counts mean a denser fabric, and denser fabrics are more durable.

3.       A tighter weave offers a durable fabric.

And If You Really Want To Do Some Research…

…consider these:

1.       Fade resistance.

2.       Mildew resistance.

3.       Allergies.

When You’re Ready.

Finding a good upholstery can be tricky.  If you don’t feel confident enough, or simply don’t have the time (or patience) to give it a go yourself, make sure you find the right upholstery.  Getting this wrong can be expensive so always ask for examples of work and try to find recommendations form people you trust.  If you do want to try it, we have added a link to a step by step guide.  Remember, preparation is key!

Go on...give it a go!

We also stumbled across this little piece of advice form Architectural Digest and we couldn’t agree more;

“Growing up, my brother and I weren’t allowed in the living room; it was for company only…Today, though, there are plenty of upholstery materials that match good looks with durability.  For children and pets—and maybe red-wine lovers—we like the easy care of a faux suede or the durability…We’re also big fans of slipcovered upholstery. And distressed leather is great—you don’t have to worry about the occasional scuff or scratch.”

Faux suede…constantly getting shout outs!

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