Last week we talked you through the ultimate reupholstering check list and in a world where the illusion of space is becoming increasingly more important, plain neutrals are key to long lasting interiors.

At Fabric-Online, plain fabrics are our speciality; but we don’t believe in playing it completely safe.  A neutral pallet is the perfect base for you to have a little bit of fun.  From easily changeable scatter cushions to window dressings and removable dining chair pads; layering plain bright fabric can transform any space to suit your mood.

There are no rules with this one.  Just go with what you fancy!  So if you are loving pink this month, why not go for varying tones of your favourite pink fabrics?  Need a little bit of blue?  Grab some different textures and layer those up.  Don’t know where your heads at?  Go for them all!  You can never have too many cushions on your sofa (or your bed) and there’s nothing to stop you from sharing the love around your home.  In the living room one day, the office another?  Why not?!

 Mixed Pink Fabrics

Pink Palette...

From the top:

Lightweight Faux Suede Fabic in Rose Pink

Linen Look Fabric in Cerise

Twilight Lustre Fabric in Dusky Pink

Faux Leather Fabric in Fuchsia

Centre: Plain Faux Fur Fabric in London Strawberry Cream

Mixed Blue Fabrics

Blue Hues...

From the top:

Faux Leather Fabric in Royal

Standard Faux Suede Fabric in Cornflower Blue

Hopsack Fabric in Blue

Basketweave Chenille Fabric in Navy

Centre: Twilight Lustre Fabric in Windsor Blue

Mixed Multi Fabrics

Go For it...

From the top:

Tema Fabric in Blaze

Lightweight Faux Suede Fabric in Orange

Hopsack Fabric in Lavender

Twilight Lustre Fabric in Teal

Centre: Microfleece Fabric in Yellow