Faux fur fabrics are our ‘thing’ at Fabric Online and we only supply to most luxuriously soft and highest quality faux furs; we make a point of it!  We also understand that faux fur can be tricky.  So, in the interest of being helpful, we have spoken to just about everyone we can and collated all the advice we could find.  Here is everything you need to know about working with faux fur fabrics!

Utilise the back.

Make your pattern markings clear and on the back of the faux fur fabric.  And make sure the ‘hair’ is lying flat.  It wriggles if you don’t!

But don’t forget the front!

Many faux fur fabrics mimic the real thing and animal faux fur fabrics have pretty realistic markings, so make sure your pattern placement is making the most of them. If you need consistency, take some extra time planning each section.  It will make all the difference to your finished product.

The direction of the hair should always run the same way, so stroke it before you make the cut.  Does each piece run smooth or do some go the other way?  Decide on your desired look and make sure your faux fur fabric is doing exactly what you want it to do.

It won’t ever grow back.

Not everything grows back, so take some time to learn how to cut faux fur fabric properly.  If you create a bald patch, it will always be bald!  Use sharp scissors and cut your faux fur fabric from the back, sticking as close to the backing as you can.  Tiny cuts mean you can keep track of the front at the same time so always check as you go.  

Also, don’t use a rotary cutter.  A rotary cutter will trim the front as you cut through the back, so unless you want a trimmed fur finish, stick to scissors.

*Remember, practice makes perfect.  If you know you have spare fabric then practise cutting that before you start on the real thing. 

It’s going to make a mess…

…of everything.  If you have the luxury of cutting and sewing outside, do it.  If not, make sure the room is well ventilated and clear as you go.  Use a lint roller (or ten) and wear an apron (don’t wear wool!).  If you are using any other fabrics, keep them away until you are finished with the faux fur.  Once you have finished with the faux fur, shake it and give your machine a clean too.  Those hair fibres get everywhere and no one wants a clogged up sewing machine!

*Handy tip…fleece fabric attracts fur!  So definitely don’t sew wearing a fleece outfit, but use fleece offcuts to wipe down your space.

Don’t hide anything.

Pinning your faux fur fabric is the same as pinning any other fabric, only it’s a minefield!  It’s so easy to ‘lose’ your pins when you are dealing with a thick pile so use the longest brightest pins you can find (and maybe count them in and out!)

The longer the stitch, the better.

Standard needles and threads work perfectly well with faux fur fabrics, but you will need to lengthen your stitch.  Always do a test run on some off cuts to make sure you can get the right tension.

It’s all about the finish!

Seams give the game away if you don’t take the time to pull out the trapped ‘hair’.  Turn your finished product the right way around and gently, with all the patience you have left, use a needle to pull out the trapped hairs.  Your seams will disappear!

Over to you!

Do you have any faux fur fabric tips?  Send us a message on Facebook or leave us a comment on your favourite faux fur fabric!