A couple of blogs ago we talked about the beautiful come back of linen fabrics.  These lightweight fabrics are perfect for adding a soft finish to your windows and come in a variety of colours to suit every theme.  Beautiful, yes.  Practical?  Not so much.

Throughout the summer months a light window dressing simply won’t do (especially if you have children) and in the winter months, those aesthetically pleasing dressings won’t be protecting anyone form the cold.   Changing up your curtains every season is way too much like hard work…so, what?  Fear.  Not.  We have the perfect solution to lining those beautiful drapes with something that will help you rest that little bit longer…lining fabric (and a very simple way to attach it).

We currently stock 3 varieties of lining fabric so suit every need:

Keep That Light Out!

If its blackout you want, our GJT 3 blackout fabric is available in ivory and white and is priced at £5.95/m.  This blackout lining specialises in reducing light, but also offers some level of insulation too.  Not just a one trick pony!

No One Likes A Draught!

Our bonded twill fleece back lining offers insulation and weight.  There’s not much better, in the colder months, than closing the curtains and popping the fire on.  This curtain lining will ensure all round cosiness without ruining the look of your windows. 

Want to line your Romans? 

Finally, sateen lining fabric is our most economically priced lining.  This dense cloth reduces light and minimises shrinkage and the lighter weight makes sateen the perfect lining for lightweight curtains, roman blinds and soft furnishings.  At £2.50/m, you can’t go wrong.

Now Do It...

We promised an easy ‘how-to’ and we will deliver.  We have searched the world wide web for every curtain lining trick in the book and we think we have found a pretty easy one.  Just click the link below…

Easy Lining Techniques!