Faux Suede

Faux Suede Fabric

Faux Suede is used in a wide range of industries and has taken the lead in furniture coverings; from sofas and dining room furnishings to beds and headboards. The versality of faux suede fabric doesn't stop with upholstery. Faux suede fabric is also popular in soft furnishings (curtains, cushions and throws) as well as pet products, such as dog beds and horse blankets. Further uses include luggage and car upholstery as well as fashion, where it is used in clothing, footwear and handbags.

Whatever your end use, with our extensive colour range, you won’t find a betterer imitation suede fabric, for weight and quality. Our faux suede fabric looks and feels like the real thing, at a considerably lower cost. Faux suede fabric can be FR coated to meet with Bristish standards.